Must-Visit Restaurants in Nusa Penida
Must-Visit Restaurants in Nusa Penida

Must-Visit Restaurants in Nusa Penida Don't miss the opportunity to visit the best Penida Restaurants

A few nice beachfront restaurants that are ready to pleasantly surprise tourists are at your disposal.

Tourists are naturally on the hunt for the best gastronomy. With your favorite restaurants, you will get ideal rest. 

Get ready to experience the best flavors around Nusa Penida. Because of its fast expansion in the latest 10 years, this place has become a foodie Shangri-La with quality eateries on the northwest side of the island. 

The largest offshore island in Bali relies on its natural locations. Eating options are mainly limited, and resto-bars base their approach to food on what nature provides them. They offer fantastic views, a lovely dining experience with great lemonade, and amazing dishes. A few nice beachfront restaurants that are ready to pleasantly surprise tourists are at your disposal.

Amok Restaurant & Sunset Bar

It's nice to watch the azure ocean from a not a simple restaurant, but an atmospheric place with an interesting twist. It has everything to attract the attention of tourists. The most memorable feature of the restaurant is its unique tables located in a 3-meter high bamboo nest and amazing food made of local products. 

Tofu curry,It's the perfect place for a tropical getaway, a romantic dinner with a glass of local or imported wine, or relaxing with the kids in a fabulously beautiful location. 

Secret Penida

This place to relax with delicious gastronomy provides simple but authentic food. A good decision by the founders of the restaurant was to change the location. If previously tourists languished on the outskirts of the road, now they are mesmerized by lunch, supper, or brunch on the shore of the bustling ocean.  

A magnificent backdrop - the aquamarine ocean with Mount Agung will pleased you. A nice addition is that in this restaurant guests are offered dishes of Indonesian and Balinese cuisine, but tourists will also be pleased with the cuisine adapted for holidaymakers Europeans. If you combine this with the opportunity to soak up the beach with a cocktail in a coconut, you will remember the rest for a long time.

Green Kubu Penida

The sweetest, most atmospheric place with a varied menu, understandable dishes, and concerts in the evenings. Particular attention is drawn to the location of the restaurant. It stands in a hilly area, which allows tourists not only to eat excellent quality food but also to admire an exotic view of the ocean and majestic mountains.

The main highlights of the Green Kubu restaurant are a cool view of the ocean and a theater. There is a stage to hold performances in the center of the restaurant. It is also used as a club, so get ready for hot dancing in the evenings.

Tourists will be pleased with the variety of food. You will be able to taste not only Indonesian dishes but also the usual pizzas, and vegan and vegetarian food.

The Chill Penida

A trendy restaurant about 20 minutes away from Toya Pakeha, this is an amazing place. There you can taste traditional Indonesian dishes cooked to the highest quality standards. The restaurant is located right on the beach, so come here close to sunset and enjoy the incredible view.

In the evening, the light lit throughout the restaurant, turning on calm music. Everything around is saturated with an atmosphere of romance. Guests are served Balinese and Indonesian dishes with unusual serving and decoration. 

Coco Penida

Would you like to watch the sunset while lying in the pool and drinking a glass of champagne? You will be pleasantly surprised by the restaurant is known for its seafood delicacies. It serves soups, squid, lobster, shrimp salads, rice cakes, and set lunches. 

This place attracts tourists in the evenings with an unforgettable atmosphere. Live shows with artists, dances, songs and much more are waiting for you - all this is available in one place on the ocean.

Penida Colada

Want to enjoy food and ocean views at the same time? The restaurant offers impressive views of the ocean and Mount Agung. Taste a marvelous smoothie pot, alcoholic, and regular cocktails, and seasonal specials, or sip a refreshing mojito. This is one of the best places on the island where they prepare perfect food, and offer the best conditions. Even if work interrupts leisure, the restaurant has great Wi-Fi. Now, it will not be difficult for you to combine your vacation with an unscheduled videoconference.

Virgin Beach Club

Be sure to add this place to your list. The highlight of the restaurant is its convenient location. Sip cocktails in the sun lounges or have a perfect afternoon eating local food at restaurant tables on the sand. Every evening, the DJ is ready to start the party in the restaurant. You will never forget dancing on the sandy dance floor by the ocean.

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