Travel Tips in Komodo National Park
Travel Tips in Komodo National Park

Travel Tips in Komodo National Park

Here are some things to consider before going to Komodo to make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible

A trip to Komodo National Park is definitely one to remember for a lifetime. This is one of the few remaining places on earth that is home to the largest living prehistoric lizard, or Varanus komodoensis, awarded the title of Komodo dragons. The pristine nature here has been preserved by the picturesque rocks and hills of numerous islands - the greenery of the jungle, the multi-colored sand of the beaches, the bizarre forms of bays and shoals - the universe seems to draw the ocean, earth and sky with a palette of bright colors. Here you will meet dizzying views that will be imprinted in your own memory for a long time. It's so easy to forget about everything here, but nevertheless, before setting out on an exciting trip to Komodo National Park, it is worth considering a lot of points. After all, it is important that the trip is safe and only positive emotions remain from it.

Safety is first

Never go around Komodo Dragon Island without the supervision of an experienced local ranger. Komodo dragons are rather aggressive animals that pose a danger to humans. Although in appearance they often seem relaxed and calm. There are known cases of attacks of these predators on people with a fatal outcome. In addition to powerful jaws, the poisonous glands of the lizard also pose a danger - when bitten, toxins can cause shock, paralysis and loss of consciousness in the victim. In no case should you neglect the instructions from the ranger.

Take care of sun protection

The weather on the island can be very dry and hot, so wear natural fabrics, bring a hat, and put on reef sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin.

Bring your swimsuit and bikini for manta snorkeling outside of Komodo National Park and photo shoots on the beaches.

Stay hydrated

Be sure to bring a bottle of water in your backpack.

Don't swim in the Komodo area

Seeing the clear crystal water in the area, you should not rush to plunge into it. Komodo lizards can run and swim quite well, and have excellent eyesight (they can see objects up to 300 m away), so swimming can be tragic. For snorkeling, head to Pink Beach, Manta Ray Point, Kanawa Island, Taka Makassar, and more. Believe me, it is no less beautiful, but safe.

Don't forget to bring your camera

Komodo Island is a place where you can take hundreds of incredible pictures. Grab your GoPro for underwater shots and your mirrorless camera for capturing landscapes and amazing wildlife as you travel. This is all included in the travel package.

So, when are you going to Komodo?

Write to us and we will select the best conditions for a tourist trip and think over everything for your comfort. If you have any questions regarding transport or accommodation, please contact us - we will be happy to answer them. And also visit our website and read the reviews of people who have already had the good fortune to spend an unforgettable time with us while traveling around the islands of Bali.

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