An Ultimate Guide to Nusa Penida
An Ultimate Guide to Nusa Penida

An Ultimate Guide to Nusa Penida: What to Do on the Island to Spend the Most Exciting Vacations Ever

What to Do on the Island to Spend the Most Exciting Vacations Ever. There are fewer guidelines for that location, yet it is worth visiting it like nothing else on Earth.

Most travelers know Indonesia for its unbelievable Bali island. Yet that archipelago is not limited just by Bali! Do you know anything about the island called Nusa Penida? If not, it’s time to expand your horizons as Nusa Penida may become your perfect destination for further vacations. While other destinations offer lots of civilized amenities, Nusa Penida is the wildest corner of that area.

There are fewer guidelines for that location, yet it is worth visiting it like nothing else on Earth.

Main Ideas on How to Get to Nusa Penida

As Nusa Penida is a distant island, there are no airports on that piece of earth. The most popular idea on how to get to Nusa Penida is to book a ferry from Kuta which goes every 25 minutes. Besides, there are fast boat rentals which allow you to get to the island ASAP with maximum comfort.

The Best Time for a Visit: Some Tips on Nusa Penida’s Climate

As usual, there are no strict recommendations about when to visit Bali and its surroundings. The climate in this area is mild enough to please all the tourists around the year. Yet you should consider the low of visitors so as not to feel uncomfortable with a great number of people. The most comfortable time to visit Nusa Penida is from May to September while a dry season in the tropical climate is in its prime. If you want to feel maximum loneliness, it is better to plan your visit for the first decade of May or the last one in September.

12 Ideas What to Do on the Island

Not every tourist knows what merits Nusa Penida offers for tourists. We’ve gathered 12 of them to help you with planning your vacations.

  • #1 Thousand Islands Viewpoint

    Start your trip with the most delightful view. Just go to Thousand Island View. If you apply for local guides’ services, you should use the less-known name for this place. Just ask how to get to Palau Seribu. You won’t miss the site as the most tremendous sites with turquoise waterfront are shown there.
  • #2 Tree House on Nusa Penida

    Most children love tree houses. And most adults love them too! When you are traveling Nusa Penido, do not pass by its most instagrammable site of the biggest treehouse on the island. Besides, you can stay there for the night if you want.
  • #3 Manta Bay as the Best Snorkelling Direction

    There is nothing to do on tropical islands besides snorkeling and diving. On Nusa Penida, you are welcome to experience the most overwhelming snorkeling routes including ones where big manta rays are drifting. Just join them and you’ll feel the unity with nature and the greatest moments of your life as well. Great manta rays are friendly yet outstanding in their appearance, so it is the most unusual way to meet them in natural areas.
  • #4 Crystal-Clear Water Snorkelling

    The real pleasure that you can get from Nusa Penida is bathing and enjoying its clear waters. Just the azure waterfront, just the most comfortable sea bottom, just the best experience for snorkelling. That’s what you get on Nusa Penida.
  • #5 The Best Tide Pool on the Island – Angel’s Billabong

    That’s what you may enjoy the most. As there are the best amenities for swimming all around Nusa Penida Island, we offer you the best of the best. That’s Angel’s Billabong where you can enjoy blue waters and exclusive sunsets at once. Nothing compares to this place on sunsets.
  • #6 Broken Beach

  • Not far from Angel’s Billabong, there is a real gemstone hidden on Nusa Penida. The Broken Beach seashore is actually what we are talking about. You may recognize that place by the local name Pasih Uug Beach. It is the most western part of the island where tides blow the clearest water coloring it into deep turquoise. The site is famous not only for its swimming offers but with instagrammous arc where you can make the most beautiful photos ever.
  • #7 Diamond Beach

    The name speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Diamond Beach of Nusa Penida is a place worth your attention. There is a combo of authentic features that are characteristic of the beach along with historical features like an old-fashioned carved stairway that leads to the beach. You won’t feel disappointed anyway!
  • #8 The Waterfall of Peguyangan

    Rainy forests and tropical islands are the specialities of Nusa Penida. And its amazing Peguyangan waterfall is among the best sites to see. Placed on the western side of the island, that waterfall overwhelms visitors with its natural power. Its staircase origin brings the clearest waters to the bottom of the cliff. That’s where you can see it.
    Besides, it is a cult place for Buddhism. So, keep a sarong in your backpack to visit a shrine that is located there.
  • #9 Secluded Tembeling Beach

    Searching for the most secluded places for your romantic date or an engagement, do not pass by Tembeling Beach on Nusa Penida. That beach is the most romantic tropical destination on the island where you can enjoy silence and loneliness with no difficulties. Still, be ready to overcome the most difficult barrier which is the local road that is steep and nasty.
  • #10 Temple of Pura Goa Giri Putri

    Bali and its area is the sacred place for Buddhists. So, you shouldn’t throw away the opportunity to pray for peace and happiness in local temples. Besides, the temple Pura Goa Giri Putri is a place that is interesting just with its history. It is carved in the cave and it amazes a tourist with its exceptional harsh beauty.
  • #11 Banah Cleef Viewpoint

    Nusa Penida is famous for its viewpoints. Banah Cleef is one of them. But this amenity offers twice more benefits for a tourist. There are two exceptional viewpoints where you can make your Insta photos all the best.
  • #12 Kelingking Beach

    That viewpoint is the most popular among tourists. But you still can get the best of it when coming earlier. Just enjoy the best light for your photos at sunrise and explore the best amenities on the beach.

How to Navigate and Get Around Nusa Penida

The best way on how to go to Nusa Penida Island is to book the fast boat. Besides, you can rent a yacht to combine the transfer with the most exciting trip. But what to do on the island? It is better to hire a scooter as some directions are placed far away from the hotel. Besides, you can hire a scooter driver or a taxi, but it can cost you a lot.Do not forget that the sun in this area is harsh. So, taking sun protectors is a must. Take sunscreens with SPF levels of no less     than 50, do not forget your sunglasses, and try to wear light clothes with long sleeves to protect the skin from sunburns.

Accommodations on Nusa Penida

As Nusa Penida is not the biggest resort in Indonesia, you shouldn’t keep great expectations for it. But there still are various accommodations to your choice and we’ve selected the most comfortable for each level.

  • Adiwana Warnaakli Resort is the best option for customers who have great     requirements. Its waterfront origin along with deluxe suits makes the residence exceptional even if you are a Qatar prince. You’ll be pleased with the service but the price is subsequent.

  • Jukung Cottage is a middle-level accommodation that serves as a residence for a family vacation. This suite hosts a pool and a restaurant, so     you won’t need to do any effort to feel comfortable there.

  • Hostel Bukit Sangcure is the most affordable accommodation option on the     island. So, you can count on it if you plan a cheap journey to Bali and Nusa Penida. Nothing special to wait for it but it still offers comfort and safety.

Some Special Tips for Nusa Penida’s Guests

There are some special tips to adhere to on Nusa Penida. Just follow them to keep your budget safe and get as much joy as you can.

  • Book a boat to visit all the offshore amenities at once. There are fast boats that may get you to the best snorkeling locations, best fishing places or just around the isle to enjoy all the sites.

  • Do not stick to Nusa Penida only. There is one more beautiful island to visit, Nusa Ceningan, where you can also get joy from your tropical vacations in Indonesia.

  • As Nusa Penida is not the center of environmental protection, do not increase the levels of plastic trash. Keep your trash gathered and     clean the beach you visit from plastic. So you can save the planet.

  • The biggest rate for visiting local attractions is 10,000 rupees. Do not overpay for it.


There are lots of amenities that are not on the #1 list. Yet they are as tremendous as possible. When we talk about Nusa Penida, there is strong competition with the Bali island that is kept for centuries. Yet today, we can say that Nusa Penida is conquering the palm as this small and secluded direction can the even more interesting for exploring popular destinations of Indonesia. There are also spectacular volcano views as well as beaches and wildlife corners where you feel like Tarzan. Moreover, at Nusa Penida, you can feel the combo of natural beauty and hi-level service. So, maybe, it is worth changing the common trend in favor of the most interesting location in Indonesia? We are sure it is worth your attention!

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